Registering Extra Domain Names Has Zero SEO Value

Suppose you have invented a new product. It is an Atomic Lint Remover. Naturally, you will want to register the domain name as soon as possible.

You register a domain name by going to an Internet Domain Name Registrar. After you type in the name you want, you will be greeted by a blizzard of variations on the domain name as shown in the above image. It must be a good thing to register more names, right? Wrong.

There are several ...

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Using an HTML Site Map on Your Website

Many sites include a link to a Site Map page. The page displays simple text links which lead to all of the other pages on the website. This can be helpful to visitors.

Having an HTML site map can be important if your website uses JavaScript menus for navigation. Search engines may not be able to follow JavaScript, and may conclude that you have a 1-page website.

When search engines find the HTML site map file, they will use it ...

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Using an XML Site Map On Your Website

An XML sitemap is file that uses the XML markup language. It lists all pages on a website that are available for crawling by search engines.

There is no need to either create one or submit one to Google unless your website is one of these special websites. They include:

  1. Sites which Google may have difficulty crawling due to the use of Flash (bad idea), JavaScript menus, or other technical issue.
  2. Very large websites such as e-commerce stores with 1,000 or more pages. ...
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