Using an HTML Site Map on Your Website

Many sites include a link to a Site Map page. The page displays simple text links which lead to all of the other pages on the website. This can be helpful to visitors.

An HTML site map is not necessary for SEO unless your website has technical issues that may prevent Google from crawling all of your important pages. It may, however, be useful to visitors.

Having an HTML site map can be important if your website uses JavaScript menus for navigation. Search engines may not be able to follow JavaScript, and may conclude that you have a 1-page website.

When search engines find the HTML site map file, they will use it to look for other pages. If your website has a sitemap.xml file, they can use both files. This helps the search engines find ALL of the content on your website.

After creating an HTML site map and adding it to your website, make sure that you link to it from your home page using a plain HTML link. Do not use JavaScript, or it will do you no good whatsoever.