Best Price, Best Quality

We generally charge half of what other designers charge. We use our 28+ years of experience to give you a professionally designed site that would cost much more anywhere else.


Professional Business Websites

Small Business Websites

We handle everything for you. Our job is to make it easy for you to get on-line and bring in more business. Your website can be finished in a matter of days.

All of our designs are fully responsive, and work perfectly on all mobile devices, tablets and PCs. Your site will be based on WordPress, an industry standard platform used by 60 million websites worldwide.

This site serves as an example of the kind of website you can have. It features a modern, fully responsive design, stylish image sliders, a gallery page, a contact page and much more. Learn More…

Professional eCommerce Websites

Professional eCommerce Websites

If you are interested in eCommerce, we provide you with a professional on-line store that is economical, yet has all of the features you would expect from a big retailer like

We help you with selecting and registering domain names, choosing a payment gateway, selecting a theme for your store, populating it with products, and training you on how to use the powerful back-end features.

You get an easy to maintain and powerful system which lets you book sales 24/7 even while you sleep. Learn More…


Your Professional Website Features

Your website will have all of the following features (click for more information):

  • Custom Domain Name

    Your domain name ( is an important part of branding your business. We register the domain name you want (subject to availability), or recommend alternatives. Unlike other web developers, we register the domain name with you as the owner. Your domain name is a company asset and it should belong to you not us.

  • Dependable Hosting

    Unlike other web developers, we do not “resell” hosting, which gives you a little slice of hosting we buy for ourselves. We set you up with a full account at economical rates with a major hosting provider.We have had experience with many hosting services, and your site will be hosted using a top hosting provider with rock-solid availability.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Your site will automatically adjust to look good on all devices – iPhones, tablets, laptops and PCs. It will be a fully “responsive” site, meaning that the content will reformat itself to fit the device your site is being viewed on. This is vastly different from what some lazy web developers do, which is to zoom the content to fit the available screen size. The result is a mobile-only site. However, since your visitors may use larger screens than the typical mobile device (tablets, laptops, PCs), then if the content is zoomed, this generates text almost 2 inches high and broken formatting. This makes your site look amateurish.

  • WordPress-based

    Your site is based on WordPress, the most popular CMS in the world. According to Forbes: “WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world and is used by nearly 75 million websites.” According to WordPress: “More than 409 million people view more than 23.6 billion pages each month and users produce 69.5 million new posts and 46.8 million new comments every month.

  • Premium WordPress Theme

    The theme is the part of your site that visitors see. It has to do with the design, style, colors, and formatting. Your website will have a professionally designed theme rich with built-in features.

  • Professional Email Addresses

    Using public email addresses at Gmail, Yahoo and others makes your business look unprofessional. Using a business email address from your domain builds trust and confidence. We can configure any number of email addresses for you on your own domain, as well as set up a contact form on your website so people can easily send you an email.

  • Accept Credit Card Payments (Optional)

    We can add credit card payments to your website. This is ideal for professionals who require an easy way for customers to make payments. Funds are deposited directly into your bank account.

  • Add Testimonials To Your Site (Optional)

    Testimonials are very effective in convincing visitors to do business with you. People who read them are more likely to contact you, which may lead to a sale.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is what makes your website more visible in search engine listings, notably Google.Your site includes Search Engine Optimization done by experts.

  • Optimized for Conversion

    A “conversion” means converting a visit to your website to whatever you want the visitor to do- whether it is a sale, a phone contact, an email, or anything else. We will optimize your site for conversions.

  • Caching

    The content on your site will be automatically cached on the server. This typically speeds up your site by 2:1

  • Firewall

    Your site will have a top-rated firewall to keep hackers out.

  • Security

    Your site will use a security certificate (SSL) to ensure secure communications between the visitor and the server. This also helps your site to rank better with Google.

  • Backup

    Your site will be automatically backed up so that if anything goes wrong it can be fully restored.